Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Woman on laptop; leak from roof; Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

We get it—no one likes even thinking about commercial roof leaks! They can be expensive to fix, inconvenient and can impact business operations. But knowing what causes them may help you avoid an unwelcome Monday morning surprise or a Friday pre-weekend disaster. Common Causes of Roof Leaks Age Even with the most meticulous care, roof…

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TPO and EPDM Roofing Membranes

Top of commercial roof

Putting a new roof on your commercial building carries with it many important decisions. Selecting a roofing membrane is one of them! When you’re choosing a commercial roofing system, there are two proven single-ply membrane roofing systems to consider: Thermoplastic Polyolefin (otherwise known as TPO) Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (otherwise known as EPDM) While both…

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How to Deal with a Commercial Roof Leak

Commercial roof water leak damage in Phoenix

 No one wants to tackle a commercial roof leak…well, except us. At SUNVEK, we’ve resolved thousands of leaking roof concerns and helped our customers get back to business with minimal interruption. How Serious Are Roof Leaks? No matter the size of the commercial roof leak, the situation is never ideal. The truth is a leaking…

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What Is An R-Value?

spray foam white commercial roofing

When you consider what makes a commercial roof more energy efficient, the first thought should be how well insulated it is. Ask yourself this: does my commercial building stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without driving my HVAC bills through the roof? If the answer is “no”, then the next step…

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When to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Exterior of commercial roofs phoenix

In 2020, there’s a lot competing for your attention. But your roof is not something you want to leave neglected. Replacing a commercial roof is an integral part of keeping your business in tip-top shape. Whether you’re experiencing interior water damage from a roof leak, or you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve before…

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How the Color of Your Roof Coating Can Save Energy

commercial building with flat roof phoenix

On beautiful summer days, there’s nothing better than soaking up sunshine. But when we’re trying to beat the heat, we put away the winter blacks and wear our whitest whites. Why? Because white reflects sunlight, keeping us cooler. Roofs are affected in the same way. Cool Roofs The process of building and maintaining a structure…

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A Comprehensive Look at Spray Foam Roofing

white commercial roofing

Large buildings with flat roofs typically are roofed with some type of a roll product. Such roofing is relatively easy to apply and inexpensive. The concern with these products centers around the number of seams and lap joints that must be sealed to maintain a watertight roof system. There is an option for roofing that…

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Roof Flashing: All About This Important Roof Component

copper roof flashing for asphalt shingle roofs

Metal flashings are an important component of a roof. While roof flashings may not cover large areas of your roof, this component performs the task of helping to keep your roof leak-free around the perimeter. Read on to learn more about roof flashing and how to keep yours in good condition. Roof Flashings Function Roof…

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3 Metal Roof Problems to Watch For

metal roofing problems

A metal roof is one of the more durable roofing options you can place on your home, but it is not immune to problems. Fortunately, you can reduce or eliminate issues by knowing the most common problems that can occur with your roof. A watchful eye combined with a quick call to a roofer can…

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5 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing for a Rental Property

rental property with metal roof phoenix

Metal roofing is an interesting product – it heats quickly when exposed to heat, and cools quickly once the heat source disappears. This can be of benefit in reducing utility bills. Metal can also be aesthetically pleasing, improving the appearance of property.  Attractive properties are easier to rent, and tenants tend to stay longer. A…

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