Walk Deck Services in Arizona

Some people wonder about decks in Arizona. They might think that every deck is the same, not so. There are poured concrete decks, wood decks with gaps between the boards so you can see through to the ground beneath, and there are solid surface decks located above living space.

We work with solid surface decks and walkways in Arizona, whether outside an apartment door or the deck off your second-story bedroom. The deck or walkway may be poured concrete or framed. Regardless, it is critical that it be watertight, and if left exposed, look attractive and be durable. If you are looking for the best walk-deck installers in Arizona, look no further than SUNVEK.

The typical systems we install are either cementitious or liquid-urethane applied. If cementitious, the system may include an expanded metal lathe, over which a cementitious coating is trowel-applied, with a fiberglass mesh and a texture coat on top. If being left exposed, a color coat is applied over the system.

With a liquid-urethane system, layers of coating are applied over the deck and/or walkway, with either sand or rubber granules added for traction, then coated over with an ultra-violet blocking color coat (if being left exposed).

Either system is watertight. The cementitious system is more labor-intensive, with a corresponding additional initial investment. The urethane systems require a new ultra-violet blocking color coat about every 3-5 years, while the cementitious systems may need a new color coat perhaps every 7-10 years. Both systems provide years of service.

Depending on the age and condition of your walkway or deck system, we may be able to restore deck coatings and fix your walk-decks and balconies in Arizona.


Liquid-applied systems may be used as coatings for parking structures, on staircases, stadium walkways, balconies, and even warehouse store floors and storage facilities. We have applied coating systems on tennis courts to restore them to look like new.

When installing a coating system, keep in mind that different coating colors may be used to identify safety areas, walkways, parking slots, the outline of a ball court and so on.

Call SUNVEK to explore ways a coating system may be incorporated into your project.

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