Flat Roof Restoration

It is less costly to restore and maintain a flat roof system than to replace it. How is this done? Through repairs and application of coating systems. Depending on the type of roof system and its condition, any of three types of coating systems might be applied – (1) elastomeric acrylic; (2) silicone; or (3) emulsion. Each system is best suited for certain types of roof systems. Typically, acrylics are applied over foam, roll type roof systems (EPDM, TPO, PVC, capsheet) and even industrial metal roof systems. Silicone is more likely to be applied over flat roof systems that are in the final stage of serviceability, or which are degraded to a point where waterproofing is the primary desired outcome, without regard to appearance. Emulsions are generally best applied over asphaltic-based roof systems, which could include built-up, torch-down, capsheet and similar systems.

The advantage of a coating system is that it provides a water-proof system at a less costly price-point than replacement. Materials don’t need to be torn off and replaced (save for those portions of the roof system that are excessively deteriorated and/or water-permeated), reducing landfill waste. The appearance of the existing roof system can be greatly improved. With lighter coating colors, there may even be an added savings in cooling costs in the summer months due to less heat gain.

It is well worth speaking with a coatings specialist about options for roof restoration, since the cost savings can be substantial. SUNVEK has provided expert roofing services to the Valley and throughout the state of Arizona since 1984. They provide courtesy roof checks and suggestions for roof maintenance, restoration, and if necessary, replacement. Contact SUNVEK at 623-349-7663 to schedule a courtesy roof check.

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