SUNVEK has been in the Valley since 1984, and with over thirty years of history, the name has become well-known and synonymous with quality.  SUNVEK started as a roofing contractor, and later added a general contractor’s license.  Now, in addition to roofing, we manage insurance restoration and commercial renovation projects.


On the roofing side, SUNVEK is a commercial and residential roofing contractor, serving clients throughout Arizona.  Both new construction and existing roofing services are provided.  Spray polyurethane foam, elastomeric acrylic coatings, silicone, emulsion, self-adhered base and cap sheet and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) are used on flat roofs, with metal (aluminum, steel, copper and zinc), shingle, cedar shake, slate and tile at pitched roofs.


With existing roofs, we install, maintain and repair roofs, which includes replacement of underlayment at tile, slate and metal roofs.  Where possible on flat roofs, we apply appropriate coatings to extend the useful life of the existing roof system, in order to reduce overall system lifetime cost.  Where a roof system needs replacement and/or a different look is desired, we provide that service as well.


When you experience an insurable event (ie fire, water, hail), we are there to support you and put the pieces back together again.  SUNVEK has worked in insurance restoration for years, and we are familiar with the needs and demands of the industry.

Whether residential, commercial or industrial, SUNVEK is available to assist with all your insurable property claims!

We want to provide excellent service to you!  Please share with our Consultant what you are desire to achieve with your project and we will make an assessment of available options to find solutions to best meet your needs.


What happens when you sign an Agreement with us?  In general, the steps that occur are as follows:


  1. The signed Agreement is recorded as a job in our computer system and a job file is set up. Your down payment is recorded and deposited
  2. The job file is given to a Production Manager to pre-check your project and determine what materials will be needed to properly complete the agreed-upon work. The pre-check is typically done within a week of receipt of the contract
  3. Materials are ordered and the work is scheduled
  4. A crew may be scheduled to clean or remove an existing roof system (known as a “tear-off”). Where tear-offs are involved, this may delay actual work since we contract with other companies to do full tear-offs.  They have the specialized equipment, trained personnel and insurance for this type of work
  5. A crew prepares your roof for service. This might include the supplier delivering and loading material on your roof
  6. The scheduled roof work is done
  7. Once any scheduled roof work is complete, interior work can commence
  8. Production crews are scheduled sequentially to move in and out of the project to minimize disruption to your day-to-day activities and ensure production goals are met
  9. As production goals are achieved, progress invoices may be issued, and upon project completion a final invoice and warranty are issued for the work performed
  10. A Production Manager or the Consultant with whom you originally met walks the project to ensure the work is complete and final payment is received for the work performed

Our goal is to complete work correctly the first time, with minimal interruption to your routine.  Should something not go right, and this sometimes happens, we will correct the situation.  We’ve been fortunate to have clients who are willing to work with us to get the work done right.


We certainly appreciate the letters of appreciation and referrals from satisfied clients.  SUNVEK is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection!

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