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SUNVEK is the Arizona residential roofing contractor you can rely on for any Arizona residential roof maintenance, repair, or replacement project.

SUNVEK Residential Roofing

With a track record spanning over 30 years, SUNVEK has become synonymous with top-notch residential roof installation in Arizona.  Our competitive pricing and efficient timelines are unmatched, while our licensing, bonding, and insurance provide clients with peace of mind.

We do things right the first time.

Our Arizona Roofing Service Areas

We are proud to keep a water-tight roof over our client’s heads no matter the weather.  Our service areas include:

SUNVEK Residential Roofing Services

We offer different types of residential roofing services to fit your needs, style, and budget:

Our team works with all types of residential roofing including tile, metal, shingle, shake, and slate. No matter your roofing requirements, you can count on us to deliver top-notch results. Schedule a free consultation so our experts can provide you with cost-effective solutions. Schedule your appointment.

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Taking Care of Phoenix, One Roof at a Time

Expertise - Best Roofers in Phoenix 2021 -Award given to SUNVEK RooofingSince 1984, SUNVEK Roofing has offered residential roofing services to Arizona homeowners, protecting and upgrading the homes of local residents.  Our work is delivered one roof at a time, with a focus on quality that’s earned us a stellar reputation.

We’re Not New to Arizona’s Climate

As locals ourselves, we’re familiar with Phoenix’s climate and how much it can affect a residential roof over time.  To keep yours lasting as long as possible, we’ll help you select commercial roofing materials, methods, and designs ready for the daily sunshine.

Save on Utilities

It’s no surprise that keeping a home cool in Phoenix can be costly. Investing in your residential roof means we can find any leaks or areas letting out precious cool air, and even install roof systems that provide energy savings. Even better, strategically selecting the color and material of your roofing materials can help reflect the heat of those sunny rays instead of absorbing them.

Learn more about SUNVEK’s history in Arizona

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Frequently Asked Residential Roofing Questions

  • How Do I Know If My Home’s Roof Is Leaking?

If you detect the scent of mildew, spot indications of mold, or observe water damage on your ceiling, including drips, our services would be a wise investment.

  • Water is in the Ceiling of My Home in Arizona.  What Do I Do?

Don’t hesitate to call 623-349-7663 right away!  Swift action is critical to avoid a more severe and costly catastrophe.

  • Why Should I Have a Residential Roof Inspection?

Keeping up with yearly roofing inspections is vital to detecting and addressing issues before they worsen.  Our roofing professionals can thoroughly assess your roof system to identify potential vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention.  We’ll provide you with solutions tailored to your specific timeline and budget needs.

  • How Much Will a New Roof Cost Me?

The cost of a new residential roof can vary depending on the size of the roof, the material of the new roof, and the condition of the old roof. Call us today to receive a free estimate!

  • Why Do So Many Arizona Homes Have Flat Roofs?

Flat roofs aren’t just a popular style for Arizona homes, they’re also practical.  During the hottest and driest months, flat roofs keep Arizona homes cool.  And because they’re easy to maintain and eventually replace, they’re a smart long-term investment for Arizona homeowners.

  • How Long Do Flat Roofs Last in AZ?

With routine maintenance, flat roofs in Arizona can last 20-30 years. Turn to SUNVEK Roofing for excellent workmanship that lasts.

Top-Rated Arizona Roofing for Residential Homes

Keep your home safe from the elements with excellent craftsmanship, communication, and efficient timelines.  We treat each job with the respect and diligence it deserves, always maintaining our excellent reputation.  We’re dedicated to meeting Arizona homeowners’ roofing demands year after year.  Complete the form below to get started.


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