Commercial building with roof daylighting.

Should I Add Roof Daylighting to My Commercial Space?

Perhaps you’ve never considered a skylight for your office or retail space.  After all, here in Arizona, people typically try to get out of the beating sun, not spend more time in it.  However, harnessing the sun’s natural light can be a huge benefit to your bottom line!

Why Consider a Skylight Installation

Lighting is one of the most important considerations when working on an office remodel or choosing a retail space.  Even with windows or artificial lighting, some spaces can still feel dingy and cramped—dull and poorly lit spaces can make even the best employees tired and unmotivated. 

Consider commercial skylights if you:

  • Want more natural light but can’t add windows to your space
  • Prefer natural lighting to artificial 
  • Want an economical way to brighten your commercial space with reduced heating bills

The Beautiful Benefits of Commercial Skylights

Skylights may seem like a simple aesthetic choice.  But in reality, letting in more natural light can result in big benefits to your company and more dollars in your pocket. 

Reduced Costs

Naturally, you know that adding roof sunlight means that you can save money on your electricity bill.  But did you know that a skylight installation also produces less heat than electric bulbs?  With less lighting and air conditioning, energy savings can be significant…and this is before the added benefit of tax credits and rebates!

Happier Employees and Increased Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees!  Natural sunlight can help reduce stress, boost serotonin, and lower rates of depression, while dark spaces often have the opposite effect.

Now, brighter lighting isn’t a cure-all for employee issues.  However, it can turn the office into a space that calms employees instead of increasing their anxiety.  And when employees have lower anxiety, that can lead to reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, and a more motivated, energized workforce.

A Pleasing Atmosphere for Others

It’s not just employees that reap the benefits of natural sunlight.  Customers, clients, residents, vendors, investors, and potential employees and clients enter your building at one time or another.  

By having a pleasant space for them that puts them at ease, you and your business will come off as professional and leave others with a more positive view of your interaction.  Take it one step further by adding natural greenery to make the area feel even more welcoming!

Okay, But What Does a Skylight Installation Cost?

As with most features, costs can vary based on size, style, and quantity.  The best way to find the right option for your building and budget is to collaborate with a company like SUNVEK.  Our team will recommend quality products to lower your energy spending at a reasonable price. 

Not interested in a skylight, per se?  We have other roof daylighting options for you to peruse. 

Skylights the SUNVEK Way 

Once you experience the difference of natural light, we’re certain you will be glad you invested in roof daylighting.

Energized to tackle a transformation?  Our free estimate provides a personalized plan so that you can discuss it with your own team and compare it to your budget. 

Time to see your commercial space in a whole new light.

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