What Causes Blisters, Wrinkles, and Ridges on Your Asphalt Roof?

Asphalt roof. Learn about common issues and how to remedy them.

Sometimes, you may notice odd shapes or distortions on your asphalt shingle roof, particularly on scorching summer days.  Commonly known as “roof blisters” or “roof ridges,” these distortions originate from installation or quality issues.  While a new asphalt shingle roof may last for decades, a poor quality (or improperly installed) roof could experience problems early…

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Installing Foam Roofing on Apartment Buildings

Phoenix rooftop. Foam roofing is a great way to protect your roof.

Managing an apartment building is a fun challenge in many ways, but dealing with emergencies can hold you back from investing in your business.  With so much to handle day-to-day, you want to limit any unwelcome surprises.   At SUNVEK, we understand how much you need to trust the roofing system installed on your apartment building. …

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof Eaves

Close up of roof eaves. What do you need to know as a homeowner about this section of your roof?

Your pitched residential roof consists of more than just the metal, tile, or shingles covering the surface or the underlayment below.  Where water drains from the roofs, commonly referred to as eaves, are more than just the end of a roof.  Eaves consist of two main components — the soffits and the fascia — which…

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