Why You Should Budget for a Roofing Emergency (And How to Start)

two carpenters working on the roof

Budgeting for a roofing emergency might not sound appealing.  But the reality is that roofing is vital to your safety.  Whether damaged by extreme weather or natural deterioration, you won’t want to let financial concerns prevent you from repairing your roof.  Budgeting for a roofing emergency gives you peace of mind that if something extreme…

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Top Five Reasons Why a Tile Roof is a Smart Investment in Arizona

Overlapping rows of yellow ceramic roofing tiles mounted on wooden boards covering residential building roof under construction.

Today, more and more Arizona homeowners are choosing tile roofs over other options. After all, they’re a durable and attractive choice for all exterior types, from traditional stucco of the southwest to more modern designs.  Tile roofs can come with a significantly higher price tag than asphalt or cedar shakes roofs, but ultimately are a…

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Is Your Roof Monsoon Ready?

Monsoon over an Arizona roof. Are you ready for Arizona monsoon season

It’s hard to imagine roof problems on a hot, dry day when temperatures are soaring. The Arizona monsoon season is here, and with it, unpredictable weather.  Over the next few months, we will experience more severe weather than many other states.  Monsoon storms bring high winds, dust storms and torrential downpours, resulting in damaged roofs…

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How to Choose Roof Shingles for Your Home

Overhead shot of shingle roofs in Arizona

Choosing roof shingles can be a major decision.  After all, they’re the most prominent part of your roof and the protective barrier between the elements and you!  With so many types of roof shingles to choose from, let’s help you narrow in on the right choice.  We’ll do that by comparing key elements, starting with…

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Will a New Roof Increase My Home Value?

The outside of a modern Southwest home with a big garage

Looking to sell your home soon?  Strategic upgrades or renovations can increase its value, though none are as important as a new roof.  Most buyers look at the age of your roof before making an offer, so it’s worth investing in a new system with an Arizona roofing company like SUNVEK versus simply patching up…

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What Every Snowbird Needs to Know About Their Arizona Tile Roof

Arizona-style house design common to the region

Many homeowners relocate to the Valley from colder climes, either for the winter or permanently.  They may be used for roofing options more typical for Northern states, like asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, standing-seam metal roofs or even slate roof tiles. While these roofing materials are used in and around the Phoenix metro area, you’re far…

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Adding a Second-Story Deck: Style Practicalities

home with tile roof overlooking beautiful pool. A second-story deck gives you more room to enjoy the Arizona outdoors.

Homeowners are usually looking for ways to add livable space to their house. The desire is often to add outdoor living areas. The common method for adding outdoor living space is to install a first-story deck or patio. However, if you have a multi-story house, you have even more potential space for increasing your outdoor…

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Does Your Roof Actually Need Gutters?

brown guttern and drainpipe

Earlier this year we discussed some of the typical causes of gutter damage. But does your roof even need gutters? The short answer: probably, but not always. It may seem strange to see a house without gutters, but every once in a while, you might encounter one. In fact, whether your home actually needs gutters…

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Why Should You Choose a Flat Roof for Your Home?

concrete building with flat roof

The flat roof is a commercial staple that you’ve probably seen on more than a few office buildings, warehouses, and retail spaces. Even though this roof enjoys grand commercial popularity, it isn’t only a business design solution. This stylish roof is also an option for residential structures. If you’re re-roofing your home, considering a major…

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5 Facts About High Temperatures & Your Asphalt Roof

Hammer and Nails on an asphalt roof

The Phoenix area experiences high temperatures that routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest months.  If your asphalt shingle roof system is looking a little worse for wear, high heat may be the cause.  Here’s what you should know about hot weather and asphalt shingles. The Sun is an Asphalt Roof’s Worst Enemy Asphalt…

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