Tile Roofing in Arizona

The Benefits of Tile Roofing in Arizona 

A high-quality tile roof installed by Arizona tile roofing contractor SUNVEK will last years, add beauty and value to your home, and serve as an excellent defense against harsh climates.  With excellent insulation, a tile roof can lower your energy bills and is one of the least expensive roofing systems to maintain. Tile roofing is perfect for multi-family housing and apartment buildings here in Arizona, with various colors, shapes and styles.

Our friendly, professionally-trained tile roofing contractors are always available to talk you through your options, including concrete tile, clay tile or even sun-dried sandcast tiles. 

Tile Roof Considerations 

With nearly 40 years of experience repairing and installing tile roofing in the Phoenix Valley, we’re happy to share our expertise and experience with our customers.  While deciding if a tile roof is right for you, here are a few considerations: 

Weight. Because a tile roofing system is heavy, the structure must be designed to handle the weight, or be modified as needed.  One option available is light-weight tile, which may reduce or eliminate the need for structural modification to existing buildings.  Our team can make recommendations based on our observations.  An engineer will usually need to be involved to make the necessary structural assessment. 

Investment. While tile roofs can be an upfront investment, they’ll last for decades with proper care and maintenance. 

Underlayment. Even the best tile roof will permit some water to flow underneath the tile; it’s the roof tile underlayment that protects your home from the elements.  Properly installed, top-quality roof tile underlayment will help protect the structure from water penetration.  At SUNVEK, we use only the best underlayment materials available for years of trouble-free service from your roof.

Professional installation.  After you’ve committed to a tile roof, you want it to be correctly installed.  Trust our highly trained and experienced Arizona tile roofing contractors to take care of everything, down to the most minor details, with care and precision. 

Why Do Houses in Arizona Have Tile Roofs? 

Tile roofs are Arizona’s most popular roofing system for good reason. They offer the following benefits for home and commercial building owners: 

  • Fire-resistant: Tile roofs offer a neutral or negative reaction to fire exposure, which means they’re one of the safest roofing materials available. 
  • Design accent: The beauty of a tile roof is a staple in our Arizona communities, harkening back to the days of the Spanish missionaries. 
  • Durability: Their ability to withstand the elements protects your home or business for decades.  
  • Value: Because they hold value, tile roofs are worth the upfront investment. 
  • Improved insulation: Tile roofs improve insulation, which we need in our extreme climate. 
  • Weather-resistant: Tile roofing is weather-resistant, ideal for impending monsoon seasons. 
  • Underlayment: Roof tile underlayment protects the inside of your home or business from expensive and time-consuming water damage. 

Overhead shot of Arizona landscape during extreme weather event

Is Tile Roofing Better Than Shingles in Extreme Weather?

Yes. When it comes to withstanding extreme weather, tiles are up for the challenge.  Too often, shingles become loose, exposing your personal belongings or inventory to the elements.  If you want to protect your home or business from potential damage, it may be worth investing in a tile roof installed by our dedicated experts. 

During your consultation, we can provide all the information you need to decide on a tile roof installation that meets your needs and budget.

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Your Arizona Tile Roofing Contractors 

With over 40 years of experience repairing and installing tile roofing in the Phoenix, Arizona Valley, we can advise and work on any tile roof.  This experience has made us experts in roof restoration in Arizona and an accredited HOA roofer in Phoenix.  We love taking care of Arizona buildings and prioritizing client satisfaction.  Read through our glowing reviews to see for yourself.

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