Roof Daylighting

What is Roof Daylighting?

Roof daylighting refers to a means of obtaining passive lighting inside a structure.   Installation of daylighting systems on commercial or residential roofs is an effective way to save money on energy costs from lighting. Popular roof daylighting systems include:

  • high-tech skylights
  • clerestory windows
  • light tubes
  • solariums

Installing skylights or light tubes in your roof reduces the need for artificial lighting, thus reducing energy costs. SUNVEK specializes in roof daylighting, which utilizes the natural light from the sun to brighten your home or business. SUNVEK offers different roof daylighting services, using both traditional skylights as well as solar tubes.


Benefits of Roof Daylighting

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Maximizes visual comfort
  • Improves productivity for employees & students
  • Improves employee satisfaction
  • Provides a return on investment
  • Businesses can utilize tax incentives & utility rebates
  • Reduces greenhouse gases, water & air pollution


Quality Roof Daylighting Installation

Roof Daylighting products installed by a licensed and insured roofing contractor like SUNVEK are an ideal investment for home and business owners. SUNVEK only installs daylighting systems and equipment from leading manufactures of roof daylighting products. Sunvek offers different roof daylighting services, using both traditional skylights as well as solar tubes. At SUNVEK we stand behind all of our work to ensure you have a quality roof daylighting system installed.


Skylights: These are the traditional glass skylights that everyone pictures when they are talking about skylights. Skylights are popular because of their ability to distribute natural light to an entire room, while still protecting against UV rays and eliminating hot spots from the sun.


Along with the traditional glass skylight, there is a less-costly alternative available.  Dual-dome acrylic skylights serve effectively to permit light entry while minimizing heat gain.  They are available in clear, opaque and bronze finishes.  In our experience, the opaque tends to be the best to minimize heat gain while obtaining natural light.

Solar Tubes: These tube shaped skylights are less common but prove to be equally effective. Their long tube design allows them to transfer natural light from the roof down to the ceiling, making solar tube installation a great choice for any style of home.  The added advantage of solar tubes is there is generally no need for additional remodeling work, since the solar tube can angle through roof trusses and be easily sealed at the roof.


Benefits of Skylights & Solar Tubes

Lower Energy Costs: Besides the obvious benefit of lowering lighting costs roof daylighting also produces significantly less heat than electric bulbs. This reduces the financial cost of roof daylighting installation even further, not to mention the social benefits of going green.

Improved Moods: The increased exposure to natural sunlight that skylights and solar tubes provide has been scientifically proven to improve people’s moods, concentration and productivity. This makes roof daylighting a great option for both commercial and residential customers.

Maximize Your Space: People naturally tend to avoid areas in their home that are poorly lit. By installing skylights and solar tubes into you Phoenix home you can eliminate these areas and get the most out of your space.


Roof Daylighting for Commercial & Residential Properties

SUNVEK is the premier roofing contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. We install roofing and roof daylighting for commercial and residential properties throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area.