Protect Your Roof From Natural Predators

When you look at your roof, you may see a strong and capable looking pillar of strength with the ability to protect your family from the elements. However, your roof has its own natural predators it needs protection from.

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3 Reasons to Tear Off Rather Than Overlay Your Roof

roofing contractor installing shingles

When replacing your roof, you can either choose an overlay, where your roofing contractor places another layer of shingles over your current shingles, or have the existing roof torn off before putting on the new layer. As you can no doubt guess, an overlay is less work for your contractor, which means it can save…

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Installing a Walk Deck: What You Need to Know

phoenix patio overlooking mountains

Few things come close to sitting back and enjoying the landscapes of Phoenix from the heights of a walk deck. Walk decks, also known as elevated decks, add a touch of luxury and, on average, can improve the value of your home by up to 8 percent.

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