When Should I Replace My Gutters?

A Phoenix walk deck on the side of a beige house.

Gutters are rarely considered.  Unless clogged or causing problems, most people forget their gutters even exist.  Though this is somewhat natural, it is important to understand the vital services that your gutters provide for you and your home.  Though your gutters are not central to your home’s aesthetic value or even daily function, they do…

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Troubleshooting Your Roof Drainage Troubles

roof to gutter drainage issues

Your home is a significant investment.  As such, you want to protect and enhance that investment. One means of doing so is with the installation of gutters and downspouts to direct rainfall away from your home. Even in a dry state like Arizona, we can experience heavy rainfall, leaving homes that lack adequate drainage in…

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Why You Should Keep Tree Branches Away From Your Roof

phoenix house with tree branches close to home

Strategically placed trees add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, if planted too close to a structure, they can be a problem. Tree branches overhanging a roof can cause damage in a variety of ways: Leaves and twigs can accumulate on a flat roof and block up scuppers and/or drains. Falling branches can…

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Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof Eaves

beautiful home with several roof eaves

Your residential roof consists of more than just the shingles covering the surface or the underlayment below. The roof edges, commonly referred to as the eaves, are more than just the end of your roof. Eaves consist of two main components — the soffits and the fascia — which work together to create an end…

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Does Your Roof Actually Need Gutters?

brown guttern and drainpipe

Earlier this year we discussed some of the typical causes of gutter damage. But does your roof even need gutters? The short answer: probably, but not always. It may seem strange to see a house without gutters, but every once in a while you might encounter one. In fact, whether your home actually needs gutters…

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Typical Causes of Gutter Damage

roof gutter filled with leaves and debris

Many people don’t pay enough attention to their gutters even though gutters play a huge role in roof protection. Ineffective gutters may allow water to back up under your roof and cause serious damage. Know why your gutters may lose their effectiveness so that you can prevent the damage. Below are some of the typical…

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Dead Leaves and the Threat They Pose to Your Roof

gutter filled with leaves

Having trees growing right next to your house can have its upsides; they provide free shade in summer and support a picturesque aesthetic. But all trees shed, as well. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in the fall (as well as blossoms in the spring), and evergreens may shed all year round. Here are some facts…

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Copper Exterior Accents: The Benefits for Your Home

desert home structure with innovative roofing

Architectural design values copper, and it has for a long time. Churches and cathedrals erected hundreds of years ago still stand protected by their original copper doors and roofs. The metal does not just keep its beauty over time, but improves with age. The decision to add copper to your home exterior is one that…

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