Rolled Roof Repair in Arizona


Rolled roofing is one of the most cost-effective roofing materials that you can buy. Rolled roofing is essentially a large roll of mineral-surfaced roofing product, or MSR, that comes in a standard roll of 100 square feet. This material is ready to roll right out of the box and can quickly and easily be installed on most flat-roofed buildings. The simplicity of this material makes it relatively easy to install while also being cost-effective.

Roll products are typically installed on flat roofs, and can be an excellent choice for large commercial spans. Properly installed, a roll roof system can last up to 20 years, and then be restored with coatings to extend its useful life.

If you are looking for roof restoration in Arizona, multi-family housing, or apartment building roofing in Arizona, trust the experts here at SUNVEK roofing. We are proud to be approved HOA roofers in Phoenix and to be leaders in the roofing industry.

Where To Use Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing is not right for every job, and knowing when to utilize this roofing material is extremely important. Where rolled roofing really shines is on flat roofs like you would find on most businesses, and lightly pitched roofing, with a maximum of 2 inches of decline per 12 inches of horizontal direction.

Rolled roofing is rarely used for residential areas and really shines on spaces that are more utilitarian and hidden from view. Work sheds, barns, garages, shops, industrial and even commercial and other non-residential spaces are perfect candidates for rolled roofing. If you have a space that you think might be perfect for rolled roofing in Phoenix, contact us today to get your free estimate. We offer a wide variety of roof restoration in Arizona as well as apartment building roofing in Arizona and multi-family housing roofing in Arizona. Let the expert team here at SUNVEK roofing help get your roofing done right the first time.

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