Roof of an industrial building under clear blue skies.

Proactive Roof Maintenance in Arizona

A variety of materials and styles are used for commercial roofs.  Because of this, maintaining and fixing roofing issues takes expertise — something our Phoenix roofing company has an abundance of!  We’ll inform you what’s behind most commercial roof repair practices and, with a few tips, help you maintain your business’ roof for the long haul.

Must-Haves of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roof maintenance requires a proactive mindset, much like owning a car or a computer.  This helps you save time, headaches, and costs.  Following are five key steps we routinely recommend

  • Commit to a Seasonal Maintenance Plan.  Fall and spring are perfect times to schedule a professional roof check and perform minor roof maintenance.
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for Damage.  Do you see staining on ceilings, or perhaps even have water dripping from the ceiling when it rains?  If so, it’s time to call for commercial roof repair.  The faster a roof issue is resolved, the less damage.
  • Protect Your Warranty.  By keeping an organized record of roof work completed and your commercial roof warranty, you’ll be able to adhere to it better and follow the proper procedures for inspections and maintenance.
  • Ensure Drains or Gutters are Clear.  Does your business have a flat roof?  If so, it will likely have roof drains that collect and drain water through a network of pipes.  If a pitched roof, there may be gutters and downspouts at the eaves.  Keep roof drains and gutters clear of leaves and other debris to ensure water can drain quickly away from the roof and structure.
  • Trust Your Commercial Roofing Contractor.  Hire professionals who understand your roof needs.  Our SUNVEK team has been helping businesses like yours for 30+ years, which means your roof is in good hands.

Common Roof Inspection Issues

When it comes to the common causes of commercial roof leaks, the issues are usually the same across the board.  We’ll be on the lookout for each of these warning signs at our commercial roof inspections:

  1. Age:  Depending on the style of your roof, it will likely require significant work after 20 years of enduring harsh Arizona summers.
  2. Penetration Sealing:  If your commercial roof has penetrations for pipes, drains, gas lines and HVAC units, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for penetration seals to break down, causing more extensive issues.
  3. Damaged Materials:  Deferring repairs to damaged roof materials will likely result in additional roof, and even interior, damage.
  4. Pooling Water: If your roof has an insufficient slope or your commercial flat roof isn’t properly drained, everything from penetration seals to the membrane of your roof can become damaged.

Don’t wait for water to start leaking from your ceilings to call SUNVEK.  Now is an excellent time of year to perform a roof check and get ahead of any issues with proper maintenance and commercial roof repair.

How We Perform Professional Commercial Repairs

SUNVEK has been specializing in commercial roof installation and commercial roof repair for over 30 years.  When it’s time to maintain, repair or even replace your commercial roof, we are licensed and bonded for your safety, along with having skilled roofing professionals with a commitment to safety.

Before your commercial roof repair or replacement, we’ll give you an accurate estimate that includes a project timeline, payment dates, the roles and duties of our technicians and workers, and a Proposal with fixed pricing.  To prepare a proper Proposal, we want to walk your roof to assess the condition and needs, be made aware of any known interior leaks and/or existing roof concerns, and compare the existing roof system to current guidelines to ensure we follow code and proper safety precautions.

Once work is scheduled and materials on hand, our crews will commence the scheduled maintenance, repair or roof replacement.  We want to provide you with a long-lasting watertight roof system for a reasonable investment.  Roofing materials that provide a longer life expectancy and help lower your future energy costs are part of the process.  Depending on the scope of the project, we’ll also address drainage issues if in need of commercial flat roof repair.  

Note: If your roof is more than 25% damaged, we may advise you to replace the entire roof.

After work is completed, we’re happy to discuss with you how to maintain the roof and schedule future inspections with our dedicated SUNVEK team.

Are Commercial Roof Repairs Tax Deductible?

We know it’s the next question you’d like to ask about commercial roof repair or replacement. The good news is that your business is in Arizona, which means you have an opportunity to write off any work or restorations needed to maintain your commercial building!  Additionally, if your roofing upgrades contribute to increased energy-efficiency, you may be able to claim an additional tax deduction (improvements must achieve a 50% or more reduction in energy costs).

Want to learn more about this subject? Read our blog “Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Roof?”

Looking for Commercial Roof Service? SUNVEK Can Help.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your roof and stay ahead of larger issues.  When you’re looking to hire an Arizona roofing company known for excellence and expertise, SUNVEK is the choice.  Together, we can manage your commercial roof repair or replacement. Read our testimonials and then contact our team for your free estimate.