Water stains on ceiling

How to Get Rid of Unsightly Water Stains on Ceiling

You see it out of the corner of your eye every time you pass it.  That unsightly ceiling water stain isn’t going away—in fact, it’s likely going to get bigger if you don’t address the issue quickly.

To begin, you’ll want to call SUNVEK’s commercial roof maintenance team for an inspection.  Our team will be able to identify the issue, whether it’s crumbling shingles, compromised flashing, or weakened seals, and stop the leaks that caused the ceiling staining to appear and expand.  If the roof is not the cause of your water leak, we can tell you that, too, so you can move forward with an HVAC professional or plumber, as needed.

Once the leak is identified and fixed, you’ll want to follow these steps to get your commercial ceiling looking as good as new. After all, no one wants water stains on ceiling materials detracting from their building’s appearance.

Organize Your Ceiling Stain Cleaning Supplies

Here’s one step you can take while waiting for our team to address any leaks. Gather your cleaning supplies together, which may include the following:

  • A drop cloth
  • Bleach for mixing a bleach solution (1 part to 3 parts water)
  • Protective gear (Rubber gloves, eyewear)
  • A clean cloth or sponge
  • Paint scraper
  • Oil-based paint undercoat
  • Stain blocking (or sealing) primer
  • Ceiling paint

It may seem like a lot, but each item is vital for commercial ceiling cleaning, disinfecting, and future protection.  Don’t skimp!

Our Guide to Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

You may be able to clean and remove the stain without needing paint; either way, you’ll want to clean and disinfect the area thoroughly.  Stains are often a combination of mildew and dirt, so safety for your staff and visitors is of primary concern.

Ensure the room is adequately ventilated, set a drop cloth on the floor, and put on protective gear.  Mix your bleach solution and wipe down the stain with a clean sponge or cloth.  Use a ladder or paint roller with an extendable handle to reach the stain.  Rinse the bleach solution off with water from a spray bottle.

Once your commercial ceiling is completely dry, assess the area to determine if you’ll need a second application or if it requires paint coverage.

Apply Proper Layers of Paint to Your Ceiling

Covering up a water stain on the ceiling requires more than a few coats of paint, especially since most latex paints are water-soluble.  To ensure any leftover discoloration doesn’t show through, you’ll want to follow these steps for a properly reconditioned ceiling:

  1. Remove any loose or flaking paint around the stain with a paint scraper
  2. Clean the area once more to remove any dust or particles
  3. Apply an oil-based undercoat and leave it to dry overnight
  4. Use a stain-blocking or sealing primer (or reapply your undercoat if it has stain-blocking capabilities)
  5. Repaint your commercial ceiling with ceiling-specific paint (usually thicker and less reflective than other paints)

If you have the option, bring in a section of your ceiling to where you purchase your paint so you can perform some tests and ensure you’ve chosen the right color; otherwise, you may need to repaint your entire ceiling to match.  Additionally, depending on the style of your ceiling finish  (smooth vs. textured), you may need specific paint rollers suited to covering your commercial ceiling thoroughly.

When it comes to that final coat, you’ll have the freedom to choose between water-based or oil-based paint, though many choose latex options for their ability to dry faster and produce fewer fumes.

Want to learn more about this subject? Read our blog, “Common Causes of Roof Leaks”

Wondering Who to Call for a Water Leak in Your Commercial Ceiling? The Answer is SUNVEK.

Ready to get to the root cause of that water stain on the ceiling?  Contact SUNVEK today, and we’ll provide a complete roof inspection to identify the issue and return peace of mind to your business.  Going forward, we’ll set up preventative maintenance to care for your commercial roof and stay ahead of smaller issues like a water stain before they get bigger.

When you’re looking to hire an Arizona roofing company known for excellence and expertise, SUNVEK Roofing is your best choice.  Together we can manage your roofing checklist.  Read our testimonials and then contact our team for your free estimate.  


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