Slate Roof Installer in Arizona

Beautiful Aesthetic

Slate roofing is the quintessential roof style that comes to mind when you think of style, beauty and class. No other roofing material provides the same beautiful look that these thin stone pieces offer in their natural state. Just because slate is a natural stone doesn’t mean that the customization options are limited. Slate roofing comes in a wide variety of widths and colors ranging from light grays, greens, purples, reds, and blues to dark black. Slate can even come in mottled colors that can give your roof a wide array of colors. With some basic cleaning and maintenance, slate roofs look more and more beautiful year after year and provide complete and total protection from the elements. If you already have a slate roof and need roof restoration in Arizona, our team is the best in the business. We also offer multi-family housing roofing in Arizona, apartment building roofing in Arizona, and are an accredited HOA roofer in Phoenix.


When it comes to the lifespan of your roof, there is no better material than slate. Most roofing materials have an expected lifespan between 20-30 years, whereas slate can easily last well over a century with some basic maintenance. The biggest worry when you are installing slate is the extreme weight of the material. Slate is a light stone, but it is a stone nonetheless, and the weight of all of those individual pieces of slate can put a real strain on your structure. Only experienced roofers should be trusted to install this beautiful material. If you are looking for roofing in Arizona, trust the elite teams here at SUNVEK Roofing to get the job done right the first time.


Slate can handle almost everything that nature can throw at it, but it is far from the most durable material. If you want a slate roof, you need to know how to protect it. That means informing AC technicians, dish installers, and anyone else that is going on your roof that you have slate and they cannot walk on it without breaking individual slates. Other than people walking on your roof and falling limbs, slate can stand up to almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at it.

Slate is also extremely fire and heat resistant, making it the perfect material to have in the heat. Even if a neighboring property catches fire, slate will prevent any embers or flames that reach your home or business from igniting your building.

Environmentally Friendly

Most roofing materials are made from composite materials that oftentimes contain plastic or oil that can’t be recycled and is terrible for the environment. Nothing is more natural than stone itself, and slate can be easily sourced and recycled. Overall, old roofing waste accounts for over 5% of all waste sent to landfills, and by choosing to use slate roofing, you can do your part to reduce landfill waste.

From slate roof restoration in Arizona to multi-family housing and apartment building roofing in Arizona, no one does it better than SUNVEK roofing. Our elite teams are approved HOA roofers in Phoenix and provide unparalleled quality for homes and businesses across Arizona. Get your roof done right the first time with SUNVEK roofing. Contact us to get your free inspection or roof check today

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