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19 February, 2024
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21 December, 2023
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19 December, 2023
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6 December, 2023


1 Dec, 2022

Cost Comparison: Flat Roof Materials

Comparing flat roofing replacement costs is a smart way to create a realistic roofing budget.   Whether financing roof replacement or paying in cash, let’s look at three different materials. Three Popular Types of Flat Roof Materials & Their Costs Listed below are the average costs of three popular flat roof materials.  Costs can vary […]
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23 Aug, 2022

Why Should You Choose a Flat Roof for Your Home?

The flat roof is a commercial staple that you’ve probably seen on more than a few office buildings, warehouses, and retail spaces. Even though this roof enjoys grand commercial popularity, it isn’t only a business design solution. This stylish roof is also an option for residential structures. If you’re re-roofing your home, considering a major […]
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27 Apr, 2022

How a Leaking Roof Damages Your Commercial Building

Any indications of a leaking roof spell trouble.  But when you notice them in your commercial building, it’s particularly alarming.  After all, a leaking roof can impact your staff, customers, inventory, and business hours.  If you notice the tell-tale signs of a leaking roof, it’s time to act fast.  You want to immediately address the […]
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4 Dec, 2020

Best Roofing Systems for Flat Roofs

Though it may surprise you, replacing a flat roof actually requires different types of roofing materials than sloped (or pitched) roofs. When considering your choices for flat roof material, there are four main options to choose: Built-up Roofing (BUR) Modified Bitumen Single-Ply membrane Spray Polyurethane Foam Let’s take a look at each one individually! Built-up […]
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5 Jul, 2018

Maintaining Your Foam Roof

Foam roofing is a durable, lasting, lightweight covering that can be applied to your roof. The unique nature of a foam roof makes it compatible with any type of roof. Good for both commercial and residential structures, foam coverings offer the following benefits: They insulate your building and help provide more controlled temperatures, crucial in […]
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7 Jun, 2018

3 Reasons to Invest in Foam Roofing

The quality of your commercial roofing system can influence the comfort and energy efficiency of your commercial space. There are many choices available on the market when it comes to commercial roofing materials. If you are looking to invest in a roofing material that will perform well over time, then you should consider a foam […]
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