Why You Should Budget for a Roofing Emergency (And How to Start)

two carpenters working on the roof

Budgeting for a roofing emergency might not sound appealing.  But the reality is that roofing is vital to your safety.  Whether damaged by extreme weather or natural deterioration, you won’t want to let financial concerns prevent you from repairing your roof.  Budgeting for a roofing emergency gives you peace of mind that if something extreme…

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​​Is it Time to Replace My Skylights?

Closeup of an Open Wooden Roof Window. Brand New Installation at Residential Building.

Skylights, or roof daylighting, allow natural light to flow into your home, brightening up your space. But, as with any part of your home, they will need to be replaced eventually. Here are the tell-tale signs so you can plan accordingly.  How Long Do Skylights Last?  The lifespan of your skylights depends on their make…

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