Hammer and Nails on an asphalt roof

5 Facts About High Temperatures & Your Asphalt Roof

The Phoenix area experiences high temperatures that routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest months.  If your asphalt shingle…

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Several angeled roof.

Extend Your Metal Roof’s Lifespan

After going through the trouble – and expense – of installing a new roof, you want it to last.  But…

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Metal roof colors in Arizona

Copper Roof Accents: The Benefits for Your Home

Believe it or not, architectural design has valued copper as early as 4500 BC.  Churches and cathedrals erected hundreds of…

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Exterior shot of a commercial building.

Are Commercial Tenants Responsible for Roof Repairs?

Don’t wait for an unexpected issue to pop up before you look into the details of your commercial lease roof…

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Energy-efficient roofing. This helps keep you comfortable and lowers energy bills!

3 Ways to Keep Your Building Cooler This Summer

Is your air conditioner working overtime, but you’re still uncomfortably warm?  There are only so many times you can turn…

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Asphalt roof. Learn about common issues and how to remedy them.

What Causes Blisters, Wrinkles, and Ridges on Your Asphalt Roof?

Sometimes, you may notice odd shapes or distortions on your asphalt shingle roof, particularly on scorching summer days.  Commonly known…

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