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Does Your Home Need a New Roof When You Sell?

Selling your home is a serious decision.  To maximize profit on your investment, your home should look good and cared for, including your roof.  

Depending on its current condition, your existing roof is either a benefit to selling your home quickly or a potential problem.  So, should you put a new roof on your home before you sell?  Use this guide to help you, along with the assistance of your dedicated Arizona roofing specialist.

Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling? 

Replacing your roof before listing your home could contribute to a quick and competitive offer.  This is especially true if your roof is currently in obvious disrepair, and its condition could be a deciding factor for potential buyers.

Pros of replacing your roof before selling Considerations of replacing your roof before selling
  • Potential for a quick and high offer, which might be precisely what you need. 
  • You won’t have to worry about a drawn-out negotiation process or request for a roof replacement from the buyers. 
  • You might not recoup your investment in your new roof. 
  • Roof replacements take time and planning, which may not work with your timeline. 

Let’s dive deeper into these. 

Cost and ROI

For many, the primary consideration for a roof replacement is cost.  How much will this new roofing cost, and how much of your investment in roofing will be returned to you when you sell your home?  Generally, you can expect to get back over 50% of your roofing investment for a basic upgrade (more extensive upgrades have a smaller return).

According to Fixr, an asphalt roof replacement can yield a 76% return, the third highest in the country! 

Failure to replace your roof results in a lower asking price for your home since as-is sales result in positive outcomes for buyers, not sellers.  Compare the benefits of replacing your roof and the costs for an upgrade (repairs or replacement can cost as low as $5,000) to determine if roof replacement is right for your home selling needs.

Condition of Your Roof 

No homeowner wants to worry about a failing roof.  Many buyers will turn away from your home if the roof needs repairs.  Depending on the style of roofing you have currently, your home’s roof should last a few decades to nearly half a century. 

Expected roof lifespan by material, with regular care and maintenance: 

Your current roof’s age and condition can determine whether you need repairs or replacement to sell your home quickly.

Type of Roof 

Your current roof can also contribute to how the aesthetics factor into the selling process.  For example, a copper, slate, tile, wood, shingle or shake roof is decorative and timeless, a positive selling point to potential buyers.  Unless your decorative roof is a few decades old or needs repairs, you shouldn’t need to replace your roof to sell your home.

An asphalt roof (common among many homeowners due to ease of installation and costs) provides less visual appeal to buyers.  Plus, as shown earlier in the lifespan breakdown, it doesn’t last as long as other roofing materials on the market. 

Your asphalt roof will benefit from re-roofing, which either replaces or installs a new layer of shingles over older ones to give your roof a modern, fresh look for buyers.  Your Arizona roofer can give you an estimate for this relatively inexpensive roofing upgrade.

Pro-Tip: Take Care of Issues From Storm Damage

If you recently suffered damage from a storm and your insurance company will cover the costs, it’s worth doing.  Many buyers won’t want to deal with the hassle of roof repairs on their recently purchased home. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Check other home listings in your area to see what your competition has.  Homes boasting new or recently upgraded roofs, modern styles, or ornate custom roofing are a sign that you need to replace your home’s roofing to match the quality of local real estate.

On the other hand, if homes nearby feature basic roofing styles, your home benefits from a new roof (especially an aesthetically appealing design, such as wood shakes or slate) by standing out from other homes on the market.

Repairs vs. Replacements: What’s Right for My Home? 

You may not need to invest in a complete roof replacement. In many cases, repairing missing shingles or loose or bent panels, tightening fasteners, or replacing gutter systems are the only upgrades needed to make a home’s exterior sound for potential buyers.

During your roofing inspection, our team of Arizona roofing experts can make a judgment call for which avenue is best for your home, timelines, needs and budget. 

What Color Roof Adds Value to a Home?

Believe it or not, the color of your roof can influence potential buyers!  Curb appeal is often a buyer’s first impression of a home, and they want a home that looks nice!  When they drive up to see the house, they’ll most likely notice if the roof complements the rest of the home’s exterior or if it negatively sticks out. 

Homeowners tend to prefer grays, blacks, browns and tans.  That being said, in Arizona, many homeowners also look for lighter, heat-resistant colors, including lighter tans and beiges. 

Get the Maximum ROI on Your Arizona Home 

Even if your roof is sound, replacing or upgrading the roofing system is often in your best interest for selling your property.  Since you have many roofing solutions to meet your budget and curb appeal desires, speak to a roofing specialist to discover and discuss what’s possible!  Never attempt to repair or replace your roof on your own.

The right roof will give your Arizona home optimum resale value.  Contact us at SUNVEK Roofing for all your roofing needs.  We’ll inspect your roof and offer our honest opinion—always! 


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