solar tube

Solar Tubes: A Great Addition to Your Home

Homeowners in Arizona take great pride in their homes and naturally want to ensure that any addition is both functional…

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naturally cool room

4 Roof Tips to Keep Your Home Naturally Cool

Living in a hot environment can make keeping your home cool expensive. Instead of upgrading your air conditioner, however, consider…

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roofer placing tiles

What Every Snowbird Needs to Know About a Tile Roof

Many homeowners relocate — either for the winter or permanently — to the Valley from colder climes. They may be…

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roof with algae and moss

The Dangers of Moss and Algae on Your Roof

Have you noticed streaks of brown, black, or green on your shingle or tile roof? If so, you may have…

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Don’t Care for Heights? Care for Your Roof From the Ground

You don’t have to climb on top of your roof to take care of it. By doing what you can…

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Buying a House? Check the Chimney for These 6 Problems

Although it’s easy to overlook your chimney during roof maintenance, the chimney is an important part of the roof and…

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