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How to Choose Roof Shingles for Your Home

Choosing roof shingles can be a major decision.  After all, they’re the most prominent part of your roof and the protective barrier between the elements and you!  With so many types of roof shingles to choose from, let’s help you narrow in on the right choice.  We’ll do that by comparing key elements, starting with materials.

Types of Roof Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles remain the most popular choice for Arizona roofs, with the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness, quality, and durability.  With the right installation and care, asphalt roof shingles last roughly 20-30 years.  Heavier grade asphalt shingles are also available, with warranties up to 50 years.

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Metal shingles, including copper, tin, steel, or aluminum, are lightweight and durable.  While they’re a more expensive option, with proper maintenance, they have an incredibly long lifespan, 40-70 years.

Wood shake shingles offer a rustic look that works particularly well on traditional home designs.  Their thickness makes them particularly durable when exposed to the elements, including heat, snow, wind, and ice, and they usually last 25-30 years.  In our hot and dry climate, the sun and heat tend to dry them out, then they start to warp and change color, ending up as a dull brown or gray.

Solar Shingles are popping up more as people look to utilize solar energy at home.  Although they cost more upfront, they can significantly save you energy costs.  On average, solar shingles are expected to last about 20-25 years.  Since these are a new product, testing is still underway on long-term durability and viability.

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What Roof Shingles are the Best?

Now, this is a loaded question.  Ultimately, the best roof shingles are the ones that align with your needs and budget.  But there are a few questions you can ask yourself (or your roofing professional) to help narrow your choices.


How much money do you want to spend on roof shingles, and how long do you plan to stay in your home?  Some options cost more but deliver a high ROI (i.e., solar shingles), while others are more cost-effective (i.e., asphalt roof shingles).


Obviously, you want to choose shingles that will last.  Ask a roofing contractor you trust for expert advice: What types have they seen last long in part of Arizona, and which do they advise against?

At SUNVEK, our team uses materials sourced from four major shingle manufacturers with high-quality products:

  • GAF®
  • Owens Corning®
  • TAMKO®
  • CertainTeed®

We’re happy to talk you through the difference and explain why we trust those manufacturers above all others.


Shingles with a substantial warranty are the way to go.  If something happens, you don’t want to have to worry about additional expenses.  Ask your roofer about warranty options or look at the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Sun Exposure & Weather. 

Between the summer sun and monsoon season, Arizona roofs take a beating.  You want shingles that are up for the challenge.  We find that asphalt shingles in lighter colors tend to perform exceptionally well.

Color, Texture, & Style. 

Finding the right color, texture, and style for your roof significantly improves your curb appeal.  Think about your home’s architectural style and color scheme and find shingles that complement it.  And remember, lighter shingle colors reflect the heat, keeping your home cooler and your energy costs down.

Most likely, you want your shingles to hit all of these categories.  Unfortunately, the best and most reliable roofing materials come at a higher price and vice versa.  But our team can listen to your needs and help find the best fit for your home and budget.

Pro-Tip: Before falling in love with a specific shingle style or material, check local codes or with your HOA. Depending on where you live, your choice may have already been made for you.

Too Many Choices? Rely on Arizona Roofing Experts

Once you’ve installed these shingles, they’ll be in place for decades, so you want to be confident about your decision.  After thinking through your priorities and doing your research, talk to your local Arizona roofing experts.  SUNVEK can help you narrow in on the types of roof shingles, offering our professional expertise along the way.

Contact our SUNVEK team for a free estimate to begin the process.

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