Phoenix rooftop. Foam roofing is a great way to protect your roof.

Installing Foam Roofing on Apartment Buildings

Managing an apartment building is a fun challenge in many ways, but dealing with emergencies can hold you back from…

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Close up of roof eaves. What do you need to know as a homeowner about this section of your roof?

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof Eaves

Your pitched residential roof consists of more than just the metal, tile, or shingles covering the surface or the underlayment…

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Roof leak in a commercial building, with white walls and mold growth.

How a Leaking Roof Damages Your Commercial Building

Any indications of a leaking roof spell trouble.  But when you notice them in your commercial building, it’s particularly alarming. …

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Leaves can cause extensive damage to your roof if not properly cleared.

Dead Leaves and the Threat They Pose to Your Roof

Having trees growing next to or in front of your building certainly has its upsides.  For one, they provide shade…

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Metal roof colors in Arizona

What Color Metal Roof Should I Get?

Curb appeal, durability, cost-effectiveness—there are certainly advantages to metal roofing.  But choosing between metal roof colors can feel overwhelming.  If…

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White commercial roof.

Make Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

If there is one thing we know about here in Arizona, it’s how to cope with blazing hot heat.  If…

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