solar tube through roofing

Solar Tubes: A Great Addition to Your Home

Homeowners in Arizona take great pride in their homes and naturally want to ensure that any addition is both functional and visually pleasing. One terrific upgrade that meets both of these criteria is solar tubes. Installing this innovative feature in strategic locations around your house will make your residence even more attractive and comfortable than it is now. 

What Are Solar Tubes?

Solar tubes are long, circular lengths of highly polished aluminum that extend from your roof down to the ceiling of your home. They have a transparent dome on the top that allows light to pass from the roof into the interior of your residence. The tube has a polished interior that amplifies the light that passes through it.

Different Diffusers

At the bottom of the solar tube is a component called a diffuser lens. A diffuser lens, depending on the type that you select, spreads the light coming out of the tube so that it covers more of the room, softens the light to reduce any annoying glare, or even alters the color of the light slightly to give off a warm and soothing effect.

Variety of Placement Options

Solar tubes work well in many parts of your Arizona home. If you have a home office, they provide you with a nice way to brighten up the room so that you are not trying to work in poorly lit conditions. Kitchens can almost always use more light, so solar tubes are a nice addition to these spaces as well. Other good spots include hallways, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

A key point to remember is that you do not want to choose a spot where the installer will have to pass the solar tube through an area where there is a lot of wiring, pipes, or air ducts. Choose a location where these obstacles are at a minimum.


Solar tubes offer a number of benefits that make them an excellent investment. Let us examine some of the most notable.

Provide More Natural Light

Many homeowners find artificial lighting to be harsh and unappealing. They prefer to use warm, soothing natural light to brighten their homes. For this reason, solar tubes are a fantastic way to take advantage of the generous amounts of sunlight that are available to all who live in sunny Arizona.

Reduce Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light, which is a band of radiation that is present in sunlight, can be a health hazard if you are exposed to excessive amounts. Ultraviolet light can contribute to the fading of your furniture and carpets. The dome at the top of a solar tube, however, helps to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light entering your home, minimizing harmful effects.

Provide Ease of Installation

Another key benefit of solar tubes is that they are relatively simple to install. A qualified roofing professional, such as SUNVEK, can add them onto your home without having to make many alterations or perform any complex carpentry work. The entire job is generally done in only a few hours.

Save on Energy

One thing that no Arizona homeowner wants to see is a big energy bill. Fortunately, solar tubes help you cut back on your energy costs by giving you natural light from the sun, which is free. Also, solar tubes, unlike large windows, do not add a lot of heat to your home, which helps you keep your air conditioning costs under control.

Having solar tubes installed is a wonderful addition you can make to your home. Contact SUNVEK Residential Roofing to learn more about this exciting home improvement project. We look forward to speaking with you.

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