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Is Your Roof Flashing Healthy? 6 Ways to Tell

Roof flashing is the number one defense (and in some cases the only defense) your roof has against leaks at…

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Avoid Turning Roof Maintenance Into Roof Maiming With These 4 Tips

What does tarping your roof after a storm, giving the roof a good cleaning each fall, and walking on the…

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A Guide to How Small Roofing Problems Become Big Leaks

You were leaving your house the other day and noticed a shingle popping up off of the roof or one…

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brown guttern and drainpipe

Does Your Roof Actually Need Gutters?

Does your roof need gutters? The short answer: probably, but not always. It may seem strange to see a house…

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installing skylight

9 Things to Consider Before Installing a Skylight

If you would like to have more light in your home, consider adding a skylight. Of course, skylights work best…

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street of rental units

How to Replace a Roof When You Have Tenants

As a landlord, you’re responsible for the habitability of your rental property. Yet, it can be difficult to juggle serious…

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