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Installing a Walk Deck: What You Need to Know

Few things come close to sitting back and enjoying the landscapes of Phoenix from the heights of a walk deck. Walk decks, also known as elevated decks, add a touch of luxury and, on average, can improve the value of your home by up to 8 percent.

A lot goes into installing a walk deck. If you are considering remodeling your home to add this kind of structure, read on to learn more about what to expect.delay


Various methods are available for installing walk decks. If you want to add a deck closer to the rooftop, a professional roofing contractor should first assess the ability of the existing roof to support a deck. Some types of roofs may not withstand the traffic and weight that comes with a deck.

If you want a walk deck on the side of the house, the roofing contractor will also need to determine whether the vertical wall would be able to support the overhanging structure.

If the condition of your roof or vertical wall is favorable for a walk deck, you can discuss various installation techniques and materials. Common materials for walk decks include liquid-applied urethane and trowel-applied concrete surfaces.

Depending on the technique, you will also discuss the various coatings to use on your deck. Coating ensures that the deck is seamless, watertight, and protected against the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Coatings come in different colors, textures and various degrees of slip resistance. Some coatings contain sand granules, some are rubberized for added traction, and others offer a smooth finish to the walk deck.


A walk deck is certainly a significant investment. The actual cost of this type of remodeling project will depend on various factors.

Important factors that affect cost include:

  • Size: The larger the deck, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Materials: Material durability is a factor. Generally, concrete products are more durable over time, with less required maintenance. Urethane systems are generally a faster installation with less weight, and relatively easy periodic maintenance.
  • Additional features: Expect to pay more for extra features that improve the aesthetic appeal and utility of your deck, for example, a barbeque spot and built-in seating.
  • Labor costs: Factor in the cost of hiring a roofing specialist. The cost of labor may depend on your area, market prices, and the complexity of your project.

Before installing a walk deck, find out from your agent how such an additional structure might affect your homeowner insurance premiums.


Be prepared to care for your walk deck regularly. Whether you have your walk deck off the second-story or on the rooftop of your home, poor installation of such a structure can create moisture problems that might require costly repairs.

To avoid potential water damage to your home and ensure maximum safety, have a professional roofing contractor install your walk deck.

Consider installing an awning over your deck to protect the flooring and furniture from harsh weather elements. As the deck ages, watch for cracks and thinning of the coating, and have your contractor restore the worn deck floor immediately.

A walk deck can be a worthwhile investment whether you are looking to improve the value of your home before selling or you simply want a vantage point from where you can enjoy the scenery. To get the most from your deck, opt for durable materials and coatings even if this means paying just a little extra.

At SUNVEK, we specialize in building high-quality, hard-surface walk decks in Metro Phoenix. We take pride in our innovative building systems and coating techniques. Call us today to find out more.

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