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Copper Roof Accents: The Benefits for Your Home

Believe it or not, architectural design has valued copper as early as 4500 BC.  Churches and cathedrals erected hundreds of years ago still stand protected by their original copper roofs and doors.  The naturally occurring metal doesn’t just retain its beauty over time but improves with age.

By adding copper roof accents to your home or commercial building, you’ll experience rich benefits, visually and structurally. 

The Benefits of Copper Roof Accents 

Copper roof built by SUNVEK.One of the many custom copper roofs installed by the SUNVEK team. 

Beautiful Exterior Features

Copper produces a unique and eye-catching finished look.  Not only is this metal gorgeous, it gives your space a timeless quality.  As copper ages, its natural oxidation creates individualized patinas that can turn blue or green (as well as many other shades).  The rate of development depends on environmental factors, such humidity and the level of salt in the air.

The way this material evolves over time is really up to you and your vision for your home or commercial space.  Homeowners that want their copper roof accents to stay shiny copper can apply coatings to protect the metal from weathering.  If you want to accelerate the rate at which the patina appears, along with colors, you have options.  Some products produce the patina and even encourage specific colors in the finish.  Applying a protectant coating after the patina develops halts the patina process.  

A range of copper patinas.

Source: Denninger

Lasting Valuable Finish Material

The beauty of copper may appear delicate, but this is a metal that can withstand the test of time.  Copper is fire-resistant and does not warp or stretch easily when exposed to the sun’s heat.  Unlike systems made from other materials, gutters made from copper do not need expansion joints because of their thermal properties.

This metal is also antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial.  This helps keep your copper fascia free from algae or fungal growth, meaning you can skip scrubbing mold or algae from shaded areas of the home or worrying about algae growth in gutters.

Because copper is a lightweight metal, it doesn’t add a lot of strain to the home’s structure.  The lightness and flexibility make it an easy product to transport and use. And since it adapts easily to different shapes, copper roof accents work particularly well for homes or buildings with unique angles and irregularities.

Two examples of copper accents for the house.Source: This Old House 


This classic metal has also retained its popularity in part due to its unparalleled versatility.  You could use copper for dramatic garage and entry doors.  Copper roof accents elevate your home with stunning, unique features.  Or you can use this metal for chimney caps and copper fascia.  Improve the look of gutter systems or use it to wrap exposed rafter tails and logs for protection against the elements.

You also have plenty of choices if you want to start small.  Copper’s contributions to your space are seemingly endless.  Copper can be used to accent: 

  • Mailboxes
  • House numbers
  • Gate 
  • Deck posts
  • Handrails
  • Deck beams 
  • And more

It ultimately comes down to what you want for your space. 


All copper used in the U.S. is derived domestically, which means it does not use up valuable natural resources to import.  It’s 100% recyclable and retains its strength and quality when recycled.  To this day, humans have mined only 12% of the known copper resources on the planet despite its long history of use due to recycling and durability. If you’re looking for a green roofing option, bump this one at the top of your list. 

Add Some Shine to Your Arizona Home

Copper accents on a home stand out, especially underneath the blazing Arizona sunlight.  The metal blends beautifully with stone, wood, or stucco, and is as stunning on new homes as on vintage architecture. 

If you’re looking to update your home’s exterior with copper roof accents or install a copper roof, give us a call!  At SUNVEK, we offer a variety of copper-clad elements, wraps, and much more to give your home a gorgeous, custom look that’ll last for ages.  

Contact our team to learn more about all of the Arizona commercial and residential roofing services we’re known for! 

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