desert home structure with copper fascia and innovative roofing

Copper Exterior Accents: The Benefits for Your Home

Architectural design values copper, and it has for a long time. Churches and cathedrals erected hundreds of years ago still stand protected by their original copper doors and roofs. The metal does not just keep its beauty over time, but improves with age.

The decision to add copper to your home exterior is one that will reward you in value, beauty and durability. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience.

Beautiful Exterior Feature

Copper produces a unique and eye-catching finished look because it is beautiful and because it is not a material used on every home. As copper ages, it develops its own unique patina that can turn blue or green, as well as many other shades. The rate of the development depends on environmental factors like humidity and the level of salt in the air.

Homeowners that want their copper exteriors to stay shiny can apply coatings to protect the metal. Those that want to increase the rate at which the patina appears also have options. Some products produce the patina and even encourage specific colors in the finish. You can also add a protectant after the patina reaches the desired look to halt further development.

Valuable Finish Material

The beauty of copper may make it appear delicate, but this is a metal that lasts. Copper is fire-resistant and does not warp or stretch easily when exposed to the heat of the sun. Unlike systems made from other materials, gutters made from copper do not need expansion joints because of its thermal properties.

Another benefit of copper is that it is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. Most homeowners are not afraid of catching a cold from their fascia, but these properties also keep copper surfaces free from any algae or fungal growth. Homeowners will not have to scrub mold or algae from shaded areas of the home or worry about algae growth in gutters.

Copper is also a lightweight metal, so it does not add a lot of strain on the structure of a home. The lightness and flexibility make it an easy product to transport and to use. The flexibility of copper means it is a sensible accent option for homes that have many angles and irregularities.

Versatile Building Product

The variety of its uses is another reason copper has remained a popular building material. Copper garage and entry doors create dramatic entrances. The metal covers rooftops, chimney caps, and fascia boards. Improve the look of gutter systems with copper or use copper to wrap exposed rafter tails and logs for protection against the elements.

If you want to include copper accents on your home but prefer to start small, you have options. Mailbox wraps, house numbers, and gate accents can all include copper. Deck posts, handrails, and deck beams can also include copper wraps. The uses for the metal are nearly endless.

Beneficial Environmental Option

All copper used in the U.S. comes from the United States, so it does not use up valuable natural resources to import the metal. It is 100-percent recyclable and will keep its same strength and quality during the recycling process. Humans have mined only 12 percent of the known copper resources on the planet despite its long history of use due to recycling and its durability.

Copper accents and features on a home stand out. The metal blends beautifully with stone, wood or stucco. It is as stunning on new homes as it is on vintage architecture. At SUNVEK, we offer a variety of copper clad elements, wraps, and much more to give your home a custom look. Contact us to learn more about everything we offer.

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