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5 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing for a Rental Property

Metal roofing is an interesting product – it heats quickly when exposed to heat, and cools quickly once the heat source disappears. This can be of benefit in reducing utility bills. Metal can also be aesthetically pleasing, improving the appearance of property.  Attractive properties are easier to rent, and tenants tend to stay longer. A metal roof is a significant investment. Here are five reasons to choose metal roofing for rental properties.

1. Metal Roofing’s Lower Maintenance Offers Convenience

Other than an annual checkup to ensure that penetrations are sealed, a metal roof system should require little maintenance.  If the system is an exposed fastener system, typically after about 15 years the grommets on the exposed screws will need to be replaced or screws tightened.  The metal roof material will be fine.   If the roof is a concealed fastener system, commonly known as standing seam, less maintenance should be required.

2. Metal Roofing’s Durable Longevity Saves on Roofing Costs

As an investment, a metal roof is a good one based on its ROI. As a landlord and a real estate investor, you know the value of a good investment. A metal roof, especially a high-quality one (such as a standing seam roof), will give you many decades of service if well-cared for.

In fact, in addition to all the benefits it provides during its lifetime, a metal roof can reduce your roof installation jobs by half or more because the metal can last so much longer than an asphalt shingle roof.  Copper or zinc don’t rust, so they last even longer.

3. A Metal Roof’s High Quality Raises Property Value

The resale value can go up by one to six percent when you install a metal roof. Depending on the size of the property, this can be an enormous amount of money. This shows that not only is metal roofing a good choice if you’re planning to hold onto the rental property, it’s also an excellent decision if you’re thinking of selling.

You don’t even have to sell right away to reap this benefit. Since a moderately high-end metal roof can often last a half-century or more, you’ll likely still be able to sell the property for a higher price even if you keep renting it out for several decades first (although the roof could depreciate in value somewhat).

4.  Metal Roofing Offers Resistance to Fire and Wind

In addition to being hardy and long-lasting, metal roofs have increased resistance to some types of damage that other roof types may be susceptible to.

For example, metal is much less flammable than asphalt. This means that if a nearby fire drops embers on top of the house, a metal roof can actually help protect the house from burning, although of course, it won’t prevent damage if the wildfire actually reaches the area.

In addition, metal is considered the most wind-resistant type of roofing, which is why it’s recommended for storm-resistant building practices. Of course, design and installation considerations (how much overhang there is, for example) will affect wind resistance.

5. Metal Roofing May Lower Your Insurance Premium

Insurance discounts for roofing depend on the location and the insurance company, but there are several reasons why you could get a lower rate with a metal roof. For example, areas with a lot of wildfires may offer discounts because of wildfire resistance.

These five benefits show how a metal roof can provide incentives not only to the tenants of the property in question but to the owner or landlord as well. For more information about our roofing services, feel free to continue browsing our website or call us now.

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