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4 Ways A Fresh New Roof Benefits Your Hospitality Business

When your hotel, restaurant, or winery is in business for the long haul, you eventually face the prospect of a roof replacement. While facility managers cringe when imagining a new roof listed as a capital improvement on their yearly spreadsheets, the roof installation benefits your hospitality business in many ways. Here are four important positives brought to you courtesy of your refreshed roofing.

1. You Protect Everything in One Move

Facility-management consultants mean well when they develop sophisticated equations and complex formulas to help you decide if need a new roof for your business. However, the decision to replace a roof is not complicated at all, and you can do the associated math in your head. Just ask yourself these six questions:

  1. Is the roof failing?
  2. Are roof leaks damaging furnishings?
  3. Are leaks impacting operations or product?
  4. Does the roof look bad?
  5. Is the roof a fire or other hazard?
  6. Is the roof adding to energy costs?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you don’t need an arithmetic problem to see that a new roof is vital to your business success. A stable, cost-effective roof covers all of your interior furnishings, offers insulation from the elements, lowers your energy costs, and adds additional fire protection.

A failing roof will one day fail catastrophically. If you can’t afford a roof-related shut-down or the loss of expensive carpeting, drapery, and other fixtures, you can afford to replace a dilapidated roof with one that protects all of your assets.

2. You Gain Green Credibility and Tax Breaks

Choose a new eco-friendly roof, and you’ve earned your business some instant sustainability honors. If you’re working towards developing a LEED-certified facility, your new roof is a great place to start.

As you plan the new roof with your roofing professional, incorporate advanced energy-efficiency into the new roof design. Add better insulation, and choose materials that help you go green on top. You can brag about the sustainability of your structure while you enjoy reduced energy costs for seasonal heating and cooling needs.

And since a brand new roof is considered a capital improvement by the IRS, you can claim depreciation of the roof. Associated restoration, repair, and other costs directly associated with the roof repair may also qualify as capital-improvement expenditures for federal tax purposes.

3. You Have a Great Reason to Update Your Structure

If you’ve wanted to add a building or reconfigure spaces in your facility, your roof replacement offers a prime opportunity to invest in these improvements. Any additional new rooms or buildings can be covered with the same roofing material as your main building to give your facility a professional, cohesive appearance.

Include innovative roof features to add more value to the roofing project. For example, roof tube lighting and solar arrays reduce your energy costs. Fireresistant roofing helps protect your property, staff and patrons. Use the opportunity to make positive changes for your facility’s long-term success.

4. Your Business Looks So Much Better

Your new roof will get a lot of attention. You may have previously believed that people drove past your facility without paying your business much notice. After you have your lovely new roof installed, prepare to be the talk of the town.

If your old roof looked shabby, everyone will remark on the wonderful improvement. If you change your roof to a new color or material, there will be loads of opinions floating around about the new look. Plan to be surprised at how many people care.

Also, plan to take advantage of the attention. Use social media, print, and broadcast ads to talk up the new roof and its many features. Offer a new-roof-related special to your loyal and first-time customers to capitalize on your great-looking facility.

Contact SUNVEK to schedule your new commercial roof installation. We specialize in roofing for commercial properties including hotels, motels, restaurants, galleries, resorts, and wineries.

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