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Proactive Roof Maintenance in Arizona

Gutters are rarely considered.  Unless clogged or causing problems, most people forget their gutters even exist.  Though this is somewhat natural, it is important to understand the vital services that your gutters provide for you and your home. 

Though your gutters are not central to your home’s aesthetic value or even daily function, they do help to prevent catastrophes from occurring.  For this reason, we recommend that you monitor the lifespan of your home’s gutters. 

Gutter repairs can certainly extend the lifespan of your gutters, but eventually every owner has to replace the gutters on their property.  How do you know when to consider replacing your gutters? At SUNVEK, we suggest keeping an eye out for these telltale signs. 

Four Key Signs of Bad Gutters  

  1. They Are Cracked (or otherwise damaged)

We’ll be honest: there is very little point in having gutters if they are cracked and leaking.  Water dripping from breaks or joints in gutters looks unsightly.  It is also a sign that its time for maintenance and maybe even replacement. 

  1. Damaged Exterior Paint

Strangely enough, you can get an indication of the efficacy of your gutters by how your home’s exterior paint looks.  If you notice peeling or cracking paint in areas where gutter is sagging or joints are opening, moisture is likely getting where it shouldn’t be.  This may be an indication that gutter deterioration is directing water in the wrong places, and it’s time for gutter maintenance or replacement. 

  1. Basement Mildew

There are lots of reasons that mildew can occur, but one of the primary culprits is malfunctioning gutters.  Gutters are meant to direct water at least six feet away from the home.  If you notice mildew in your basement, it means that the gutters are not transporting rainwater away from the house as they should.  It could also be that the drainage slope is wrong.  If this issue isn’t resolved, it can lead to larger problems down the road. 

  1. The Gutters Are Old

Even if you don’t notice any serious issues, it is best to replace gutters every 20 years or so.  (The main exception is if your home has copper gutters. They can last upwards of 50 years between replacements!)  No matter the situation, it is important to replace your gutters on time to avoid expensive damage to your home.  The best time to replace gutters is before something terrible goes wrong.

Trust SUNVEK With Your Gutter Replacement in Arizona

If you are noticing these signs of bad gutters, our team at SUNVEK is here to help.  We can assist you with any type of residential roof, and take care of your gutter replacement in Arizona.   When you need roofing experts for your residential property, contact us!