A crew working on a commercial roof replacement.

Proactive Roof Maintenance in Arizona

Owning a commercial building or renting space in one requires a lot of patience, organization, and communication.  When you are hands-on in managing your company, there are inevitable roadblocks and necessary tasks that may disrupt your business’s daily routine.  Construction projects are a good example. 

Best Practices During Your Commercial Roof Replacement

Despite the relative disruption, it is important that commercial roofs are maintained and replaced in a timely manner.  This keeps everyone inside safe, and protects valuable equipment and investments.  If a commercial roof replacement is occurring in your building, here are some tips to make sure your business continues to thrive while the work is being done. 

  1. Assess Noise Level & Project Length

Try to get a gauge on how intrusive the project will be.  Take it from us – oftentimes roof replacements make a lot of noise.  Get all of the information about expected noise levels and how long the project will realistically take.  This way, you can make informed decisions about your business.  

  1. Make Room for the Crew

The construction crew will need space in your parking lot for their trucks, disposal containers, and supplies.  Make sure to clear them a space, and see how much room is left for customers and employees. 

  1. Confirm Safety

Make sure that the interior of your business will be safe from debris and hazards.  If there is a significant risk for those inside of the building, you may want to consider closing for the duration of the commercial roofing project.

  1. Decide Whether Your Business Will Stay Open

Based on the above information, decide whether or not you want to stay open during construction.  In some cases, it makes more sense to stay open.  In other situations, such as short-term projects, it may simply be better to close for a few days.  Make the decision before the commercial roofing project begins, if possible. 

  1. Inform Your Customers and Tenants

Communication will be key to keeping your business’s reputation intact.  Whether you are staying open or not, make sure you communicate with your customers and tell them what is happening.  Send out an email to your email list, and post on your business’s social media.  If you are open during construction, post signs by the road so it will draw customers in.  In most cases, if a client sees construction they will assume that the business is closed.

With these tips you can rest assured that your commercial roof replacement won’t take a major toll on your business. 

Let SUNVEK Handle Your Commercial Roof Replacement

If you need an expert for your Arizona roofing project, SUNVEK can help.  We have been performing exemplary commercial roof replacements for years, and would be happy to do yours as well.  Read more of our commercial roof tips and when you’re ready to get started, reach out to us  and we’ll get you covered!