Shingle Roofing



Did you know that a shingle roof can be your most cost-effective means of ensuring a water-tight and attractive roof system?


Shingles are available in a wide selection of colors and styles, with warranty periods extending from 25 years to “lifetime”.


We install shingle systems from all the major manufacturers – GAF, Owens Corning, Tamko and CertainTeed.  Our experience is that they all produce quality products.  The primary question is what color and style do you want?


For shingle roofs, we generally recommend staying with the manufacturer standard #15 felt as the underlayment.  This minimizes the chance of buckling in the system, which appears as unsightly humps and bumps.  Although they don’t affect the integrity of the roof, we don’t like our roofs to look unsightly.  #15 felt serves perfectly well as an underlayment, since water will drain as intended.


With respect to your shingle roof, keep in mind that someone should walk the roof each year, checking around every penetration to ensure that the system remains watertight.  Everywhere a pipe, conduit or vent penetrates through the roof is a potential source of a water leak.  It doesn’t hurt to be proactive and check to ensure that roof cement is adhering and uncracked and seals on gaskets are still tight so water can’t get in.


We’re proud of the shingle roofs we install, and would certainly like the opportunity to share with you the options available for your roof.  SUNVEK installs new shingle roofs and maintains and repairs existing shingle roofs.

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