A Phoenix walk deck on the side of a beige house.

Your Guide to Phoenix Walk Decks

What is a “walk deck”?  A walk deck is a deck built over living space.  As such, it needs to be watertight.  This is where a roofing company comes in.  The roofing company has the job of ensuring that the deck, the roof over living space below, is watertight.

You might ask yourself several questions.  Are you looking to spend more time outdoors? Finding that you need extra space?  Want to be able to see beyond your backyard?  Here in Phoenix, a walk deck can afford you a place to enjoy the views surrounding your home, and encourage you to spend more time outside.  They are the perfect place to soak in the sunshine, host a gathering, and enjoy your morning cup of coffee.  Thinking you want to build a deck? Let’s dive into a few basic considerations! 

The “Why” of Your Walk Deck

As you start to plan out your deck ideas, consider what some of its main uses will be.  From there, think about the type of spot you’re looking to add to your home. 

Are you hoping to create:

  • an outdoor oasis? 
  • a place for hosting parties? 
  • a quiet retreat? 
  • a spot for outdoor cooking? 
  • All of the above?

With your budget in mind, are you thinking about a smaller, cozier space, or a more expansive one?  What makes the most sense with your intentions and your current home set-up?  Figuring out the “why” of your walk deck will help with all aspects of your decision-making process.

Materials, Placement, & Color 

These days, walk decks are typically framed over living space, finished with a waterproofing material, then possibly covered with tile or stone.  Depending on the layout of your home, you can build a deck on your roof, above your patio, as an extension of your home, or even as a detached structure in your back or front yard over space used for other purposes. 

When it comes to designing an elevated deck, consider the structure of your home and how much weight it’ll be able to hold.  You’ll want a professional to come out and confirm that your design can be supported!

Color is another important factor as you think about the materials for your deck.  As always, the lighter the color, the more energy efficient it’ll be for your home.  Here in Phoenix, we recommend utilizing lighter colors so that your outdoor space absorbs less heat. 

Keep It Watertight

Whatever you decide to build, let’s ensure it’s watertight.  If water gets in, it can cause significant damage, and if left untreated, this could be hazardous to anyone who visits your deck.

At SUNVEK, we install systems that are either cementitious or liquid-urethane applied.  Both systems are watertight and provide years of service.  

Looking to Build a Deck

When you’re ready to build a deck, the roofers at SUNVEK are here to answer your questions.  Whether you know exactly what you want for your home, or need help with deck ideas, let’s connect and see what’s possible.  Contact us to get one step closer to that beautiful, outdoor space for your home.

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