Clipboard holding an estimate.

What Should My Roof Estimate Include?

Owning or managing a commercial property requires a significant amount of budgeting.  In order to maximize your return on investment, you have to be sure to stick to the financial parameters you have set for yourself.

When it is time for a commercial roof replacement, it is important to know what kind of costs to expect.  When an expert gives you a roof replacement estimate, you need to understand what that includes and what to watch out for. 

Here at SUNVEK, we’re passionate about empowering our customers with the knowledge to make educated decisions.  This is why we’ve assembled a few of our top tips for parsing your roofing estimate.

What To Look For In a Roofing Estimate

Be sure to consider the following when looking at a roofing estimate:

  • Does the price include all of the work and supplies, or just the supplies?  The latter can significantly increase your end bill if you aren’t careful. How is payment going to be received?
  • Is tax included in the quote?  Remember, for such a large project, tax can be a significant expense.
  • Have they fully described the job on the estimate?  It is important to have clear documentation of what you’re paying for, and what is expected at the end.
  • Who gets to keep any extra supplies at the end?  If the company is keeping them, ask if a refund on those items will be possible.
  • What are the terms of agreement?  If one or both parties needs to terminate the contract, what is the agreed-upon procedure? 

Getting the answers to these questions will help you to better understand the proposed estimate.  They’ll also help you to remain on budget, and steer you clear of any businesses that are trying to take advantage of you.  You should feel confident about the arrangement you’re entering into before signing a contract. 

The Non-Financial Roofing Questions

When you are getting a roof replacement, there are non-financial questions to ask as well.  These help to manage your expectations, and keep your company safe. 

  • Is the roofing company licensed and insured?
  • Is there a warranty on the work?  How long is it? 
  • How long has the contractor been in business? 
  • Are on-line reviews and/or references available? 
  • Are materials brands noted? 

Remember, replacing the roof on your commercial property is a large undertaking.  You have every right to ask questions and protect your investment. 

Time to Work on Your Commercial Roof 

When you are ready to repair or replace your Arizona commercial roof, reach out to our SUNVEK team.  We have expert training in multiple roofing types, and have years of experience to prove it.  Time to give your building the high quality roofing attention that it deserves. 

Investing in a commercial roof replacement sometime soon?  Read our tips to keep your business organized, safe, and functioning.

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