Commercial roof. Use your budget surplus to repair or restore your commercial roof this year!

Use Your Budget Surplus for a New Commercial Roof

If you’ve managed to keep expenditures lower than income, you may be looking at a budget surplus, especially now that the year is coming to a close. If you’re in that enviable position, congratulations! And if your budget is “use-it-or-lose-it,” then you’ll have several options on how you can use that surplus. 

Your first instinct might be to reinvest in your business operations, but it’s just as important to reinvest in your building, too. Consider a commercial roof repair or even a commercial roof replacement.

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Replacement

Regular maintenance of your roofing can help ensure that small problems get taken care of before they escalate into emergencies. As we’ve noted before, even a small roof leak can lead to more complex issues, including everything from electrical shorts to mold that can affect employee and customer health.

But it’s not just preventative maintenance. If your energy costs are increasing, there may be several causes, but an old roof could be one big factor. If that’s the case, a commercial roof replacement can help save on energy and utility costs

Taking care of your roof now, while you have funds to do so, can help you avoid unexpected roof expenditures when you don’t have the extra cash flow.

Commercial Roof Repair Vs. Commercial Roof Replacement

How do you determine whether to do a repair or replacement? You can typically get away with a simple commercial roof repair if the roof is fairly new and the damage is isolated, but if the roof is nearing the end of its life (20 to 30 years), or there is substantial visible damage, you’ll want to seriously consider a full replacement.

Signs That It’s Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement

Even the best installed roofs can experience problems due to inclement weather or old age, and problems can pop up unexpectedly. You should consider a full roof replacement if:

  • Your roof is 20 to 30 years old, or even older.
  • You’ve noticed a commercial roof leak (by stains, the smell of mold, or dripping water).
  • There are standing pools of water on the roof.
  • There are multiple areas that need to be fixed, and repair costs approach or exceed the cost of replacement.

At SUNVEK, our team of licensed and insured roofers can inspect your roof, inform you of potential issues, and repair or replace your roof, as needed, so that your building is in top condition!

Where Do I Start?

First, make sure you get a comprehensive roof estimate. Costs can vary based on factors that include age, roof type, and code requirements. Therefore, it’s important to have a professional come out and get an idea of what the work would entail so that you know what you’re committing to. 

For all your commercial roof maintenance needs, look to the experts at SUNVEK! SUNVEK is an Arizona roofing company dedicated to providing the best roofing solutions in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Peoria and the surrounding areas. 

Contact us today to set up an appointment, ask any questions, or get a free estimate! 

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