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The Do’s and Don’ts of Metal Roof Maintenance

Durable, efficient and relatively low maintenance, these days more and more folks are installing metal roofs. With proper care, they can last over 30 years! Here are few things you should do (and a few things to avoid) in order to make the most of your metal roof maintenance

Metal Roof Maintenance

Do Wash Carefully 

At least once a year, and after severe weather events, give your metal roof a thorough examination. Using binoculars, check to make sure there aren’t any lasting or stubborn stains. If there are, wash your metal roof gently with a cloth, low pressure sprayer, or soft-bristled brush. Use a combination of water and a solvent cleaner, such a Fantastic or Formula 409. Make sure to rinse with water to clear off any residue. Wash your residential metal roof starting from the top and working your way towards the bottom. 

Don’t Walk on It Unless Necessary 

While residential metal roofs can withstand some weight, avoid walking on it as much as you can. If you do have to walk on your metal roof for any reason, try to keep both your time and your motion up there to a minimum. We also recommend checking your metal roof manufacturer’s recommendations, and following their guidelines. 

Do Clean Your Gutters 

Keeping your residential metal roof free of debris is one of the best ways to prolong its lifespan. If your house is surrounded by trees, clean your gutters regularly. If you don’t live by a lot of trees, you should still do it at least twice a year. The reason? If your gutters are clogged up, your roof isn’t able to drain properly. And if your metal roof can’t drain all the way, the ponding water can lead to corrosion which can decrease your roof’s lifespan. 

Don’t Paint With a Sprayer

When your home needs a new coat of paint, choose a brush or roller instead of a paint sprayer. Sprayers can either shoot paint too far, or a little gust of wind can send paint up to your residential metal roof. And once paint has landed up there, it’s practically impossible to remove. 

Do Repair Regularly

If you notice separations or holes in your metal roof, call a roofing expert to come out and fix it. Any gap in a residential metal roof can lead to leaks and other damage down the line. Also, keep an eye on the sealants up on the roof, especially around penetrations. If they’ve started to deteriorate, it’s probably time to replace them. Calling in a professional to make these repairs and replacements will ensure the work is done properly and that your roof is in good condition. 

SUNVEK Knows Metal Roof Maintenance

With over 30 years experience, the roof experts at SUNVEK happily handle metal roofs. From installing metal roofs to annual care to repair, we’re here to keep your roof in tip-top shape and looking great. Ready to take care of your metal roof maintenance? Contact us today and let us help you! 

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