gutter filled with leaves

Dead Leaves and the Threat They Pose to Your Roof

Having trees growing right next to your house can have its upsides; they provide free shade in summer and support…

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Roof being repaired

4 Signs Your Shingled Roof Needs Intervention

As a homeowner with a shingled roof, you need to be able to tell when your roof is at the…

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Copper Exterior Accents: The Benefits for Your Home

Architectural design values copper, and it has for a long time. Churches and cathedrals erected hundreds of years ago still…

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Protect Your Roof From Its Natural Predators

When you look at your roof, you may see a strong and capable looking pillar of strength with the ability…

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3 Reasons to Tear Off Rather Than Overlay Your Roof

When replacing your roof, you can either choose an overlay, where your roofing contractor places another layer of shingles over…

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Installing a Walk Deck: What You Need to Know

Few things come close to sitting back and enjoying the landscapes of Phoenix from the heights of a walk deck….

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