Energy-efficient roofing. This helps keep you comfortable and lowers energy bills!

3 Ways to Keep Your Building Cooler This Summer

Is your air conditioner working overtime, but you’re still uncomfortably warm?  There are only so many times you can turn down the thermostat before wondering if there are better solutions.

Here are three big tips on how to stay cool in Arizona without relying solely on your A/C unit.

Upgrade Your Single-Pane Windows to Double-Pane Windows

Morning and late afternoon sunlight can heat your house quickly, particularly with windows on the east and west sides of the house.  Investing in better windows will pay off immediately: Double-pane windows can reduce energy costs by up to 24% over single-pane windows

Bonus Tips:  Other Window Fixes

If you’ve already upgraded or need time to save up, there are other window-related tips to keep your home cool!  Tackle these three spots:

  • Frames:  Keep cool air from escaping by checking your window and door frames and sealing any leaks.
  • Interiors:  Close your blinds, shutters and curtains to reduce the amount of heat the sun sends into your home.
  • Exteriors:  Prevent sunlight from hitting the window glass directly with awnings, sunscreens, window film or shady trees.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Roofing

If you don’t have energy-efficient roofing, this could contribute to the warmer temperatures inside.  Make sure you have:

  • Proper Ventilation:  Adding vents lets more heat out of the attic space.  Proper ventilation will ensure that the attic temperature is similar to the ambient (outside) temperature. 
  • Sealed InsulationGood attic insulation keeps cool air inside, reducing the amount of work your air conditioner needs to do.  The most efficient form of insulation is spray-polyurethane foam.
  • Optimal Colors:  Dark roofs absorb the sun’s heat, keeping your attic warmer and requiring more energy to cool down.  Lighter colors reflect the heat.

Check with your Arizona roofing company about whether you have proper venting and roofing. If you need any adjustments or fixes, we can help you out.

Commercial building owner? Read how to make your commercial building more energy efficient. 

Adjust Your Daily Habits 

Need something you can start today?  These small changes can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help you feel cool and keep your A/C usage as low as possible:

  • Wear light-colored and loose clothing, drink plenty of water, and keep wet towels or cold packs handy.
  • Switch out incandescent lightbulbs to LED or CFL bulbs, which generate less heat.
  • Keep the thermostat high and use fans for air circulation. Make sure your fan is circling counterclockwise to push the cool air down and towards you.
  • Reduce humidity in the air, particularly after showers, by using a dehumidifier or vent fan.
  • Cook outdoors – or minimize how much you use your oven.
  • Check the air conditioner to see that it’s working correctly.  Clean or replace the filter and schedule an annual inspection to have a professional take a look.  Check that the condensing unit is shaded and has good airflow.

Talk to an Arizona Roofing Company

If you’ve tried every personal-cooling tip but still end up sweating on the couch, it’s time to look into energy-efficient roofing

SUNVEK has been working on Arizona roofing since 1984, and we’ve seen firsthand how proper venting and insulation keep energy costs down.  Call us now for a free consultation, and we’ll help make your house more comfortable while lowering your energy bill.

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