Phoenix rooftop. Foam roofing is a great way to protect your roof.

Installing Foam Roofing on Apartment Buildings

Managing an apartment building is a fun challenge in many ways, but dealing with emergencies can hold you back from investing in your business.  With so much to handle day-to-day, you want to limit any unwelcome surprises.  

At SUNVEK, we understand how much you need to trust the roofing system installed on your apartment building.  We know you have several material options, but we recommend polyurethane foam for flat roofs, particularly for apartment buildings.

What are the Benefits of a Flat Roof Foam?

Foam is an easy and low-maintenance method that’s ideal for Phoenix roofing.  A few of its unique benefits include: 

  • Foam provides universal coverage. With no seams, it’s great at preventing leaks.
  • Foam doesn’t expand or shrink with heat and cold, which means it’s unlikely to crack.
  • Foam is lightweight and provides insulation and soundproofing in addition to waterproofing.

One important note: you’ll want to check the coating with flat roof foam routinely.  Over time, coating will eventually degrade.  An annual inspection will help you stay on top of any issues.  One outstanding benefit of a foam roof – the foam can be recoated with a quality elastomeric acrylic or silicone to extend its service life indefinitely—we suggest accruing for this in your maintenance budget. 

Is Foam Good Material for Apartment Roofing?

Yes! Did we mention that foam is seamless?  Once sprayed, foam expands and hardens, filling gaps and crevices with a seamless waterproofing barrier, which is excellent news for your apartment building.  

The most significant benefit of foam for apartment roofing is that because it is lightweight, you can apply it directly over most existing roofing materials. This helps you:

  • Save on Costs.  Bypass the hassle and cost of tearing off and disposing of the old roofing system
  • Avoid Problematic Leaks.  A seamless polyurethane foam roof fills gaps and crevices, together with conforming to the existing roof surface, with no joints or seams to permit water access.
  • Eliminate Existing and Future Ponding.  Flat roofs may sag in areas, creating ponds.  By adjusting and evening out foam thickness, the surface of your rooftop drains correctly.  Plus, once the foam sets, it won’t expand or contract no matter how high the summer temperatures get!

Read more about the best systems for flat roofs. 

How Do I Prepare For Flat Roof Foam?

First, take a look at the status of your existing roof.  To prepare for flat roof foam, remove loose debris, adjust or fix any loose spots or blisters, and do any desired priming.  Keep in mind that these are steps we take in the process of preparing for the application of a foam roof. 

At SUNVEK, we offer both elastomeric acrylic and silicone coatings in various colors.  The coating protects the foam from sun damage and helps to protect it from damage by birds, debris, and adverse weather.  If the roof is visible, you can select a color that enhances the appearance of your property while protecting the foam, and be affordable to reapply down the road.

Learn how to let your tenants know about the upcoming roof replacement. 

Choosing the Right Phoenix Roofing Company

If you decide to invest in flat roof foam for your apartment building, hire a company with a history of using this product.  Experienced installers expertly apply foam in the proper thickness and avoid creating future problems.  Plus, they can tell you their standard process for alerting tenants about your upcoming foam application. 

The experts at SUNVEK have been installing Arizona apartment roofing since 1984.  We’ve seen firsthand how our work holds up over time.  Reach out to learn more about investing in a low-maintenance foam roof!

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