Several angeled roof.

Extend Your Metal Roof’s Lifespan

After going through the trouble – and expense – of installing a new roof, you want it to last.  But time and weather will affect the roof.  If it’s a painted product, eventually, the paint will fade and/or start to wear off.  Underlayment will degrade, as well as any sealants.  To extend the life of your metal roof, you may want to consider coating it.  Let’s discuss what that means and what you can expect from such a process.

The Importance of Metal Roof Coating

The final step of many flat roof installations is the application of a coating.  Coatings may also be applied to pitched roofs for color and/or to seal the roof.  Coating may be the best way to extend your roof’s life and stability.  Metal roof coating helps solidify minor repairs and reinforces seams and lap joints, helping to prevent the risk of water entry.

Another critical benefit of metal roof spray coating is an increased R-value.  Lighter colors absorb less heat and reflect light.  A higher R-value means your roof is more insulated, helping you make the most out of your air conditioning and saving on energy costs.

Learn more about the importance of R-values. 

What to Expect From SUNVEK’s Metal Roof Coating

The SUNVEK Roofing team can determine which type of coating will work best for your roof’s current condition.  When our team arrives on the scene, we’ll get your roof ready for a new protective layer.  This involves regular clean-up, including removing loose debris (branches, leaves, etc.).  Then we’ll repair areas that have damage.  Penetrations may need resealing, fasteners may need tightening or replacement.  Following this, the roof is cleaned with a pressure washer.  This removes dirt, oxidation, and any loose paint.  A clean surface helps the coating adhere properly, so it lasts longer.

We may need to apply a primer coat to enhance the strength of the adhesion.  Then, it’s time for the long-anticipated metal roof spray coating.  Depending on the desired outcome, one or more coats will be applied.

Because it can be rather time-intensive, it can take a number of trips to complete this process up to our standards.  But when we pack up and head out, you can be sure we’ve done a thorough job.

Set Your Metal Roof Maintenance Routine

Not all buildings can handle metal roof spray coating.  If damage is too severe, the only option is a complete replacement.  To keep that from happening, establish a metal roof maintenance routine.  Whether you jot it down in your calendar or schedule a yearly inspection, putting this action into practice will help minimize surprises down the road.

If You Take Care of Your Roof, It’ll Take Care of You.

Investing in roof coating and giving the top of your home a little TLC means it’s fortified to stand up against the elements, keeping you and your property safe and dry for years to come. Metal roof maintenance is easy when you have professionals on your side!

If it’s been a while since you paid attention to your roof, give our SUNVEK team a call for a free estimate.  Our roofing experts can look closer at the condition of your roof and, if applicable, apply our top-grade metal roof coating.

Learn more about our trusted Arizona flat roof coating services.

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