spanish style concrete tile roof on home in phoenix

4 Ways Concrete Tile Roofs Benefit Arizona Homeowners

Some roof materials maintain their integrity when exposed to the hot Arizona sun much better than others. If you plan to replace your old roof this spring or summer, then you should consider installing a concrete tile roof. Not only is concrete tile very resistant to sun damage, but this roof material is also relatively affordable and available in many attractive designs.

Read on to learn about four ways concrete tile roofs benefit Arizona homeowners, so you can decide if this roof material is right for your home.

1. Keeps Your Home Cooler

A concrete tile roof can help keep your home cooler during the summer compared to many other roof types.

Some roof materials heat up very quickly after they absorb the sun’s heat and then pass much of this heat into your home through a process called thermal transfer. Since concrete is a very dense material, it absorbs the sun’s heat much more slowly than some other roof materials, such as asphalt shingles.

In addition, if you choose concrete tiles with a curved S-shape instead of flat tiles, more air can flow underneath the tiles to keep them cooler. S-tiles also make little contact with your roof decking or underlayment, leading to less of the heat that these tiles do absorb passing through your roof decking and into your attic space.

2. Offers Many Attractive Colors and Textures to Choose From

Some people have the misconception that concrete is gray and dull-looking. It doesn’t have to be. Concrete roof tiles come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose a tile color that complements your home well.

Concrete tiles are colored in one of two ways. One, a professional will mix color pigments into wet concrete before the tiles are created, resulting in what is known as a “color-thru” tile. Two, they will bake a sprayed-on paint finish onto formed concrete tiles, known as a “slurry-kote.”

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of color-thru tiles is that if a corner is chipped, the color remains consistent. With slurry-kote tile, the paint will fade over time, and any chipped areas will show as gray. If any tiles are broken, color-thru tiles are easily replaceable with a similar shade, while new slurry-kote tile will be a brighter and cleaner than the existing tile.

In addition to the available colors, concrete tile can also be formed to mimic the appearance of other products, such as slate or shake.

3. Provides Heat and Fire Resistance

Many roof materials degrade quickly in climates due to continual exposure to the combination of heat, light, and UV rays. Concrete tiles are one of the most sun damage–resistant roof materials available, so you don’t have to worry about tiles that shrink, warp, or crack due to sun damage.

In addition, concrete is also one of the most fire-resistant roof materials on the market. A fire-resistant roof protects a home more than many people realize. Many house fires actually begin when an ember from a nearby fire lands on a home’s roof and the fire then spreads to the rest of the home.

4. Offers Durability and Low Maintenance

Concrete roofs are among the most durable, long-lasting roofs available today. This type of roof may even outlast the lifespan of the home the tiles are installed on. Concrete roofs also need very little maintenance to stay in great shape.

To maintain a concrete tile roof, have the penetrations periodically checked and sealed (as necessary) to ensure watertightness. While concrete tiles don’t routinely break, replace any tiles that do break in a timely fashion to keep water from getting at the underlayment through the breaks.

Remember that concrete tile is heavy, and your home needs to be designed and constructed to handle the weight.

If you live in Arizona and are replacing your roof, then consider a new concrete tile roof. Contact the roof experts at SUNVEK to discuss new roof installation today.

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